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Persona Development  
Heuristic Analysis
User Interviews 
Usability Tests 
User Flows 
UX Research Synthesis Decks 
Ethnographic Research 


Product Positioning
Product Differentiation 
KPI Analysis 
Designed Pitch Decks (for start ups and investors) 


Mock Ups 
Wire Flows

Nerd Face offers Full Stack UX & UI

We understand the importance of making an experience memorable. We don’t want to talk about the Prom, or Homecoming, or dances in general, because we were too nerdy to attend that stuff in High School. We want to talk about the experience your users get when they use your product. Whether you’re looking for Ann Arbor UX & UI or Dallas UX & UI… or Pasadena, Chicago, San Francisco, or New York UX & UI, Nerd Face wants to NerdOut about your business!

Maybe that’s just how the seat feels in the car, maybe it’s how your website feels when you go through it. We want to maximize your profitability, and for many of our customers, that means having a detailed understanding of what the consumer wants. 

Let’s NerdOut about your business. Let’s get serious about UX.

Analysis starts here.

If you want the experience for your users to be the best it can possibly be. What that means for Nerd Face is having a hands-on understanding of what is great about your product and what needs to be improved. Many of our Ann Arbor UX & UI customers inquire about how to improve the experience for their users. We always say the same thing, “Whenever we put on our NerdShoes for a walk, we always start with step one.”

Step 1: Analysis of your current product.

Let’s find out where you are so we can direct you to where to go. You need a map. The good news is, we are Nerdy about maps. Like, We have maps of stuff that doesn’t even exist anymore. Want to find Tiger’s Stadium in 1985? We can direct you there, we just need to get up to 88 miles an hour. 

Step 2: Create a road map for what needs to be done.

Let’s NerdOut about your product’s UX. We’ll start by creating a task list of what’s good and bad about your product and how to get where we need to be. The good news, we’re very reasonably priced, largely because we LOVE to NerdOut about UX & UI!

Step 3: Drive to the destination and get Nerdy.

We have cars. We have suntan lotion. We tend to be a little pasty from working on computers in dark rooms all day. But we like to layout in the sun as well as the next guy/gal. So we do. Let’s be honest, the destination isn’t a beach, it’s getting you where you need to be. After we’ve completed UX work, we’ll help you get your product ready to excite and engage users! Just like all projects, UX starts with being Nerdy and ends with a small guy with glasses telling you what SPF stands for. That’s how we roll. We’re Nerds. We get Nerdy. Let’s NerdOut about your business. 

We'd like to hear about what you need and how we can help.

We'd like to hear about what you need and how we can help.

Nerd Face is a Full-stack creative agency.

How can we help?