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Ann Arbor Flyer Design

For many businesses, print Collateral is a key part of your marketing efforts. If you’re attending trade shows or meeting with customers, it’s smart to have a high quality leave behind. Nerd Face will help you realize your vision with clean and concise product marketing. Whether it’s a simple flyer or a larger brochure, Nerd Face is here to help.

Let’s talk about print collateral needs and we’ll help you stay within your current branding, (or help you redesign it for now). We’re nerdy about a lot of things, marketing materials is one of them. Let’s NerdOut with your business, starting with paper.

Ann Arbor Brochure Design

Maybe you need a small gatefold, or a 20 page brochure. We’re not here to judge, we just want to get nerdy. Brochures are a key marketing strategy when it comes to larger product offerings. We like to keep the text light, but sometimes the details are very important! 

Let’s sit down and talk about what you’re looking to accomplish and what pieces you need. We can work from existing branding, or help you design new stuff for NOW. We really just want to materialize your dreams of successful product marketing? Feeling Nerdy? 

Let’s NerdOut about your brochure needs!


Ann Arbor Logo Design

Ann Arbor Graphic Design and Branding

Nerd Face is Ann Arbor Graphic Design and Branding. We’ve worked with a lot of brands to help them create new or updated logos and branding. Whether it’s a box design for an existing logo, or a new feel that takes into account your old look, we’re here and ready to put on our Nerd Face. 

Nerd Face is passionate about Ann Arbor Graphic Design and Branding. Let us sketch out some designs for your company and discuss the direction you’d like to go. ‘

Whether it’s a simple addition or a full-scale overhaul, it’s always best to go local. We’re a creative studio located in Ann Arbor, MI. But more importantly, we create and own our designs. If you stay local, you won’t need to worry about having artwork used from an existing brand, and then getting slapped with a lawsuit! Nerd Face is NERDY about copyright infingement and creative commons licenses. WHAT? I know, but we ARE!! 

Most importantly, Nerd Face is an Ann Arbor Creative Agency here to help you define your brand for the next 20 years. Let’s start with a clean logo design! 


Let’s get on it.

Put on your Nerd Face!

We'd like to hear about what you need and how we can help.

We'd like to hear about what you need and how we can help.

Nerd Face is a Full-stack creative agency.

How can we help?